UV Waves vol. 52 num. 5

January 9th, 2023

Ladies and Gentlemen,
First, Season’s greeting from everyone at UV Waves.
Second, attached is your next issue of UV Waves. Note, this is a two part issue. I think you’ll find it fun and informative. We have to send it as a two-parter because it’s packed with so much good stuff. In the near future you’ll be able to log on to the FMS website and download UV Waves directly. But, there’s more good news. FMS members can log on to the website and access the entire Waves archives going back decades. This is a very big deal!!!
Thanks to all the members who submitted photos of apatite specimens for publication in Waves. Your response was so overwhelming that it requires publication in an upcoming issue.
As always, we need content to keep up the quality of UV Waves. This can be a collecting trip report, a specimen that’s unusual or special, a scientific topic about a mineral, lamping technology, photography, etc. Just reach out to Howie ( to discuss that gleam in your eyes. We hope to see each of you in Tucson. REMEMBER, EVERYONE TAKE PHOTOS OF EVERYTHING FOR UV WAVES.
Third, and as Hitchcock used to say at the end of the introduction of his TV show, “and now, a word from our sponsor”. If you have not as yet renewed your FMS membership for 2023, please consider doing so. It’s easy, just go to and follow the instructions. Yes, it’s a new website and there have been some glitches, so if that happens, e-mail our webmaster, Simone Conti,, and he can quickly sort things out for you. If you prefer, you can still write a check. Just mail it to FMS, PO Box 656611, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365.
Finally, thank you all for your patience and support.

UV Waves vol. 52 num. 4

November 23rd, 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen,
For your reading enjoyment as you kick back and begin the holiday season. Take a break from all the shopping, cooking and entertaining, pick up this issue and learn more about the backstory of prepping for Tucson 2022, the background of our two newest Hall of Fame members, and enjoy the fabulous photos of more of the displays from Tucson 2022. When you’re done take a moment and renew your membership for 2023. It’s easy, log on to and follow the instructions. With the new website you can even register to have your membership automatically renewed if you choose.
I hope you all enjoy this issue and have a safe and relaxing holiday season.
FMS Secretary

UV Waves vol. 52 num. 3

October 3rd, 2022

Gentle Readers,
Attached is the second of three planned issues of UV Waves celebrating the FMS’ 50th Anniversary in Tucson last February. The content touches on the connection between the two Show themes; Fluorescence in Minerals, and the Apatite Supergroup of Minerals. Special thanks to Kelly McJilton, UV Waves Production Executive, who cranked out this beautiful issue in record time.
I’ve asked our FMS Fluorescent Mineral Facebook Group members and now I’m asking the readers of UV Waves to SEND ME PHOTOS OF APATITE SUPERGROUP MINERALS OF WHICH YOU’RE PROUD, and we’ll try to feature fabulous submissions in the next issue or two. Include your FMS ID#, mineral name(s), location, illumination wavelength, UV and white light photos, size, and any other info of interest. Make captions as long as you’d like to tell the story of the photos. Send to
More great news. The entire Archives of UV Waves is now available to FMS members on the website,
Suggestions and feedback are always welcome.
Howie Green
FMS UV Waves

UV Waves vol. 52 num. 2

August 11th, 2022

Gentle Readers,
First, let us apologize for the hiatus in issues of UV Waves. Mostly problems beyond our control on this end. We do plan on publishing all issues, albeit it will take a bit before we catch up. But for now, the March/April issue is available for download.
As I hope is obvious, UV Waves has moved on from being a Club “newsletter”. Our mission is to print what’s informative, entertaining and educational. In other word, UV Waves is now the bimothhly e-Magazine of the Fluorescent Mineral Society. A newsletter can’t really be a bimonthly publication. Hopefully, this function will be fulfilled by the FMS Website, the FMS Fluorescent Minerals Facebook Group, intra-Chapter communication, and direct-to-membership email from FMS Central.
I get occasional feedback expressing opinions about the content of UV Waves. “Too technical”, “too impersonal”, “too broad based”, “too desultory” (okey, I made that one up), etc., but the fact is that I try to actively solicit / beg / pester anyone I know who might have something to say. And while not everything submitted is appropriate, nothing gets rejected and instead we offer suggestions to make it Waves-specific.
Naturally, mostly everything ultimately published is interesting to me personally. That’s good because I’m interested in practically everything, but it’s incorrect to say that Waves content is my choice. “The tree doesn’t pick the bird, rather the bird picks the tree”. In other words, send me comments, ideas, offers, suggestions, articles, EFTAS (Every Fluoro Tells A Story – a nice photo of a quality fluorescent mineral with an interesting back story), QQ ( Query Quarry – burning questions for the experts).
Sincerely (and Cheers, the apparently obligatory valediction of mineralogy),
Howie Green
FMS UV Waves

UV Waves vol. 52 num. 1

March 22nd, 2022

And away we go!
The January/February issue of UV Waves (volume 52 number 1) is out! Download it now!

Ballots for the 2022 Election

January 16th, 2022

Attached is the Ballot for the 2022 annual election of FMS Officers and Directors. You were each sent Bios of all candidates in early December, 2021. Please take the time to mark your ballot and return to secretary at uvminerals dot org no later than February 1st, 2022. If you prefer, your ballot can be sent by US mail to FMS, PO Box 656611, Fresh Meadow, NY 11365, but it must be postmarked no later than February 1st, 2022 to be counted. The votes will be counted and results announced at the FMS annual meeting to be held February 10th, 2022 at the Church of the Painted Hills in Tucson. If you are in Tucson you can of course attend, but if not, you were recently sent Zoom instructions to attend the meeting remotely and can do so if you choose.

You may be asking yourself, why vote since the candidates are all running unopposed? Well, number one, to support the volunteers who agreed to serve. FMS elections frequently have more than one candidate to choose from per office, but the last couple of years it has been difficult finding volunteers between Covid interruption to all of our daily lives, the cancellation of most routine mineral shows / collecting opportunities and personal issues of some of our previous Officers and Directors. The Board is attempting to regain normal operation, and is focused on the upcoming Tucson Show with the large fluorescent displays. As we go through the next year, please consider volunteering for positions that will become available next year as well non-elected positions in the FMS. You can reach out to any member of the Board to express your interest.

And, thank you all for your support. The FMS is what we all make of it.

Bios of Officers and Directors for the 2022 Election

December 1st, 2021

Attached are bios for all Officers and Directors who will stand for election in 2022. Ballots will be sent to each of you in mid January, 2022. Our Constitution provides for annual elections with each of the four Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) running for two year terms every other year, (i.e. President and Secretary one year, Vice President and Treasurer the next) to provide continuity. Each Officer is limited to two consecutive terms. The six Directors each run for three year terms, two Directors per year. We did not hold an election last year due to organizational issues brought on by Covid and a number of resignations. This year we are attempting to put the terms of the Officers and Directors back in compliance with our Constitution. Thus some Officer and Director candidates have agreed to run for shortened terms.

All members are eligible for election and can be nominated by our Nominating Committee (who is charged with searching for candidates) or any member if the candidate has agreed they are willing to serve. Typically, we have more than one candidate for a number of the positions. This year we only have one candidate per position, but still must hold an election. We would urge each of you to consider running for election and serving in the future as well as considering serving on non-electable Committees such as the Nominating, Audit, Membership, and/or Publications Committees. If you have an interest, please contact any of the Officers and/or Directors.

Changes in FMS publications and membership dues

November 19th, 2021

Please read the attached letter which contains important information regarding changes to the publications, membership levels and dues for the FMS, effective January 1, 2022.