STEM Curriculum K-12

When kids first see grey, drab rocks come to life when exposed to UV light, they are truly amazed. Fluorescent rocks provide a unique and diverse subject matter for teachers and students to explore all sorts of STEM topics including color, light, geology, atomic structure, UV lights and more.

We are currently looking for partners to help develop a K-12 curriculum based on the science of fluorescent rocks. If interested, please contact us here.

Similarly, we will be developing a database of great science fair projects based on fluorescent minerals. Please check back as we will continue to expand the list of what experiments you can try at home or at school.

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The Effect of Temperature on Fluorescence Response in Minerals

Justin Bank’s experiment focused on evaluating the fluorescence of minerals when exposed to a range of temperatures. Starting with a baseline of fluorescence at room temperature, Justing took photographs, at constant settings, of fluorescence at high temperatures, cold temperatures, and super-cold temperatures. The impact was amazing!

STEM Project Just Banks experiment