This page collects articles and studies that were contributed by members of the Fluorescent Mineral Society and hobbyist alike. These works were not sponsored by the Society but we collect them here for the widest sharing with the fluorescent minerals community.

The Sodalite Group Minerals

Ludo Van Goethem, Axel Emmermann

Study of Luminescence and the Photochromic Properties (Tenebrescence).

The start for this study and the resulting eBook was an unusual luminescence in a piece of photochromic sodalite (HPE specimen) from the Koksha area in Afghanistan. You can see the effect in this short Youtube movie. Because more minerals in the sodalite group have special effects, the study has been expanded to the “common” minerals of this family. Unless otherwise mentioned all photographs and images in this book are made by the authors.

Howard Midwave Database

Michael Howard

Extract from UV Waves v42n3:

“Our justification for building the initial spreadsheet was both the lack of published and internet information concerning what minerals were actually reactive to MW UV, and a desire to increase the availability of our information to as many as possible in both the collecting and scientific communities.”

“The spreadsheet design is pretty basic, with Columns dedicated to the following: Mineral Name, Locality (as best I had), Natural light color, MW 310 nm color, Mineral Association (whether UV reactive or not), Primary Response (LW, SW). I sent this information to Danny, and he replied that it looked good to him, and that he would use this format to go through his collection and send me his data in a spreadsheet format. He told me his MW lamp was 312 nm, so I added that to the MW color column to read: MW 310 nm-312 nm color.”

Agreelite, with the typical bright pink fluorescence under midwave UV light.