Question about mineral samples. i.e.- Elbaite, etc

I plan on attending next years Tuscon mineral show and the FMS meeting. Being new to this hobby I don't know what type of minerals others may want to add to their collections. I'd like to know if small samples of minerals such as Elbaite would be something that others may possibly want for their collection. I only get to areas where fluorescing minerals can be found a few days each fall and hope to be able to find more Elbaite.  A sample was sent to a friend in NJ who ran an XRD on it, which showed it as Elbaite. It has a pinkish daylight color and a moderately bright light to medium blue "glow". I also usually find some nice bright hyalite opal and some small pieces of apatite. If this is something people may want, let me know. This does depend on me being able to find more as well as how much weight I can carry.

I'll be in Tuscon from Feb 9th until Wednesday the 16th. This will leave me with Monday and Tueday to explore the area. Any suggestions on where I can explore and legally collect in the area would be appreciated. I'll be limited to a rental car, so nothing to far off a good road.

Potential Exploration Links