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UV SYSTEMS, Inc. New Website

UV SYSTEMS, Inc. has a brand new website, our first new website in over 9 years.  In order to find any errors or problems with the new website we are having a contest.  The prizes will be three fluorescent mineral specimens.  One specimen has a retail value of approximately $100.00, another has an approximate value of $75.00, and the third has an approximate value of $50.00.  The specimens will be from Don Newsome’s personal fluorescent mineral collection.

Comments and suggestions about the website are always welcome.  However, to be eligible for the drawing, your email must list either (a) an error in the web site, or (b) a functional issue in the web site, or both.  Only three separate email entries per person (with a separate error or problem for each entry) will be used for the drawing.

When submitting an entry, in the subject line of your email please put “CONTEST”.  Send it to [email protected] include your full name and address, and describe in detail the error, problem, or thing that needs to be fixed.  UV SYSTEMS, Inc. will be the final judge as to what constitutes a valid entry.

Comments about the layout, content, or look and feel of the website are always welcome but will not be included in the drawing.

From all valid entries received, three entries will be drawn.  This will be done on Jan. 20, 2017. No one person will receive more than one specimen.  The specimens will be shipped free to the three winners of that drawing.

The closing date of this contest will be Jan. 20, 2017.  All entries must be received before that date.      


Phone: (425) 228-9988

Cell: (206) 818-1084

Email: [email protected]

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