Trophy for the "Best" fluorescent display at the FMS Annual meeting Oct. 9-11.

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First Place Trophy for the “Best"

Fluorescent Mineral Display at the


Fluorescent Mineral Society Meeting


Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Friends of Mineralogy Symposium

at the Red Lion Hotel in Kelso, Washington

October 9-11, 2015

The public is invited to see 28 display cases of fluorescent minerals at the Red Lion Hotel in Kelso, WA on October 9-11, 2015.  There is no change for admission.  This will be the largest number of fluorescent mineral displays ever assembled on the West Coast.  The public will be asked to vote on the “Best” fluorescent display.  The winner will be awarded this trophy.  Donated be UV SYSTEMS, Inc., it has on the top a rare Franklin, NJ margarosanite specimen mounted on a turntable.  Besides the blue and pink short wave fluorescing margarosanite, it has willemite [fl. green], calcite [fl. red-orange], axinite-(Mn) [fl. red], clinohedrite [fl. orange], and non-fluorescing andradite.  The value of the margarosanite specimen is greater than $600.00.  The specimen was originally obtained over 40 years ago from Thomas S. Warren, the founder of Ultra-Violet Products, Inc. (now UVP, Inc.).  The two sides of the margarosanite specimen are shown fluorescing under short wave ultraviolet light. 

 Side two



Side one

Photos by Mark Mauthner.  The fluorescent photos were made using a UV SYSTEMS, Inc. SW SuperBright II model 3254 ultraviolet light.

For more information about the symposium go to or for information about the fluorescent displays go to [email protected]


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