FMS Bibliography - Descriptive - oriented toward mineral collecting

  • Ultraviolet Light and Fluorescent Minerals, by Thomas S. Warren, Sterling Gleason, Richard C. Bostwick, and Earl R. Verbeek, 1995, published by Thomas S. Warren (distributed by Williams Minerals, Rio, W.Va.), 209 pages, ISBN No. 0-9635098-0-2.   List price $19.95.   Includes some of the material from the Gleason book (see below), with new material, making it more collector-oriented.
  • Fluorescence: Gems and Minerals Under Ultraviolet Light, by Manuel Robbins, 1994, published by Geoscience Press, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona, ISBN 0-945005-13-X, Library of Congress 93-077811.   List price $40 (now out of print)   Describes the mechanisms of fluorescence, and has an expanded list of minerals, their fluorescent responses, and localities.   The emphasis is on the science, rather than collecting.
  • Magnificent Rocks: The Story of Mining, Men and Minerals at Franklin and Sterling Hill, by Pete J. Dunn and Susan B. Cooper, 1997.   Intended for students of all ages, especially grades 4 through 8.   The book sells for $15 plus $4 shipping/handling (for U.S. shipment) and can be ordered by writing a check for $19 made out to Susan B. Cooper, and sending it to: Book Distributor, 14 Ravine Dr., Newton, NJ 07860 USA
  • The Collector's Book of Fluorescent Minerals, by Manuel Robbins, 1983, ISBN 0-442-27506-4.   An excellent source of information, both at the beginning level and going into great detail on the mechanisms and history of UV lights and fluorescence.   Extensive lists and descriptions of fluorescent minerals and locales (focusing mainly on the U.S.A.).   Has tables for identification of minerals by fluorescent color, a bibliography, and discussions of collecting and color vision.   Was originally published by Van Nostrand Reinhold, but has since passed to several other publishers at generally increasing prices, and is now out of print.
  • The World of Fluorescent Minerals, by Stuart Schneider, 2006, is an expanded reference that has nearly 1000 improved photos and corrects some inaccuracies in his first book:
  • Collecting Fluorescent Minerals, by Stuart Schneider, 2004, 2nd edition 2011, lists many fluorescent minerals with images, info, and estimated value for collectors.
  • Infrared Luminescence of Minerals, D. F. Barnes, 1958, U. S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1052-C, pp. 71-157.   Includes tables of visible fluorescence as well as infrared.
  • Where to Collect Fluorescent Minerals in the United States, by Mark C. Blazek, 1978, San Gabriel, Calif., Ultra-Violet Products, Inc., 34 pages.   A brief listing of locales by counties.
  • Ultraviolet Guide to Minerals, by Sterling Gleason, 1960, San Gabriel, Calif., Ultra-Violet Products, Inc. (copyright 1972), 244 pages.   Has long been out of print and is hard to get.   This is generally similar in scope to The Collector’s Book of Fluorescent Minerals, with less emphasis on mechanisms of fluorescence, and much more detail on the use of ultraviolet in prospecting and mineral identification.
  • Nature’s Hidden Rainbows, by R. W. Jones, Jr., 1970, San Gabriel, Calif., Ultra-Violet Products, Inc. (revised 2nd edition), 120 pages.   A good book about the fluorescent minerals of Franklin, New Jersey.
  • Tables of Fluorescent and Radioactive Minerals, 3rd edition, by D. A. Stephenson, 1962, New Mexico State Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources, Circular 15, 44 pages.
  • The Henkel Glossary of Fluorescent Minerals by Dr. Gerhard Henkel, Journal of the Fluorescent Mineral Society, volume 15 (1988-9), is the most exhaustive listing of fluorescent minerals known.   566 mineral species and 59 related substances are listed.   The glossary is printed in small-book format and is available from the FMS.
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