SCHEELITE...New Material from the Andrew Mine, San Gabriel Mtns., Los Angeles County, CA

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I have acquired several very rich high ore grade specimens of SCHEELITE from the mine owner for the Andrew Mine, Curtis Tungsten Mining Co., San Gabriel Mtns., Los Angeles County, California.  These were saved just before they were crushed and made into high grade concentrate.  I presently have one specimen on ebay listed at $50, the best of the lot, and the others a bit smaller, 4" range but very dense scheelite fluorescing blue/white SW are in my possession.  I am selling all.  To view on eBay, go to my seller ID kbradyca2 or search scheelite, and view recent postings.  The pic attached herein is of that specimen.  I can be contacted via email at [email protected] or called at (323) 833-6101 for inquiries.  In addition I am actively selling much of my personal collection, SW specimens collected over the 30 years of my hobby activity.  Happy Hunting!

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