New Concentrated SCHEELITE from the Curtis Tungsten Andrew Mine, San Gabriel Mtns., California, USA

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Hi there fellow FMS enthusiasts.  I had the opportunity and pleasure over the last weekend to purchase some high grade scheelite ore from the owners of the Andrew Mine, operated by the Curtis Tungsten Mining Company, in the San Gabriel Mtns. of Southern California.  For the most part I intend to sell these 7 specimens directly, and they range from $50 to $175 (7" killer!, see image, lighter blue/white one that's it!!), depending on size and concentration.  I can send pictures along if you like.  These are fl. blue/white SW, in matrix.  Email me at [email protected] or [email protected] to inquire about further details.  I also have quite a few specimens for sale on my eBay platform, check under seller ID kbradyca2, or search scheelite, then click on my other items.  A fabulous Powellite xl. there right now for $10, I like to see if anyone is paying attention.  Like normal I kept one or two of the Andrew Mine scheelites for myself, and am selling the others off.  Also going to the White Knob Quarry this Saturday, until then Happy Hunting!


UPDATE:  Since initially posting many of the new find rich high graded scheelite ore from the Andrew Mine has sold, and there is only three (3) specimens remaining, which I have posted on my eBay site, one can be seen here

Thanks...Endeavoring to try and bring more to the fluorescent community...Kevin

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