“Luminescence in Mineral Kingdom”



“Luminescence in Mineral Kingdom” – the magic of rainbows from rocks,

by Guido Mazzoleni, photos by Roberto Appiani, is a new book published in October 2012 by libri Sandit/Italy.  It is the English translation of the original edition ‘Luminescenza nel Regno Minerale’, March 2010.
The book is a softcover with 240 pages containing 421 color photos in daylight and under UV, in very high quality taken by arguably the best photographer of fluorescent minerals in Italy.
Author Mazzoleni (FMS-#1791) delivers with this book a comprehensive introduction to luminescence, dealing with crystal chemistry, properties of light, causes of fluorescence and especially the locations where those species have been found. That chapter is 90 pages long and very detailed. Additionally there are 16 pages selected references and a glossary of terms. 
The English translation follows closely the Italian text.
Axel Emmermann describes it best in his foreword:
’This book was created from the synergy between the knowledge of the professional geologist and the passion of the amateur mineralogist, the professional and the amateur photographer. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an absolute beginner or a distinguished academic. The book that lies before you holds the best of both worlds and deserves to be met with great joy in each of them…’
Unfortunately at this time a distributor cannot be named and the price is not established in Dollar, in Europe it is 29.00 Euro.
(Submitted by Karl Russ)
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