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I am offering for sale a prized specimen of scheelite crystals from the Ophir Hill Mine, Tooele County, Utah.  This specimen is 16" by 16" by 4", is full of small and brightly fluorescent scheelite crystals fluorescing a nice blue color.  This is a true blue fluorescence, not the blue white or white colors!  The listing can be found at  I will sell it off of eBay and/or direct to any serious buyer.  It is easily removed off of eBay.  My asking price for this never before seen and probably not to be seen again unique example of Ophir Hill Mine, Utah scheelite is $20,000.00 OBO.  Just posted, and will remain there until sold or at which time I may reconsider and keep it in my personal scheelite collection.  I also have many other fluorescent specimens on my eBay offerings, search under my seller ID kbradyca2, or just SELECT "SELLER'S OTHER ITEMS" UNDER MY ID [kbradyca2] ON THE ABOVE EBAY LISTING, TO SEE MANY OTHER FLUORESCENT SPECIMENS FOR SALE.  Good luck and Happy Hunting!!!!!!!!!!!!

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