phosphorecent spodumene

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I by chance noticed that some spodumene i had was phosphorescent (orange).With a 10 second charge time (shortwave)it will phosphoresce for a minute or more.This is a completley different color from its shortwave response of (pink)shortwave.My question is are there any more fluorescent minerals that respond this way with two different colors.

Thanks Chris

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Re: phosphorecent spodumene

Spodumeme I have collected from B.B. #7 Quarry will fluoresce a nice lavender under SW, blue under MW and orange under LW. And it will phosphoresce for a while like you mentioned. If you eyes are dark adjusted and you sort of look away from it, you can see the phosphorescence for a number of minutes. 

I have also seen spodumene froom Mount Apatite in Auburn, ME phosphoresce for a long while too. 

So spodumene glows 3 different colors under the 3 common UV wavelengths. I have Kunzite (spodumene) from Pakistan that does the same. Some Calcite like from Terlingua and Mexico glows pink in LW, yellow-white under MW and blue-white under SW. Plus a bright, long phosphorescence after SW is turned off. Some calcite from Franklin, NJ will give the classic orange-red under SW, but will have some blue fluorescent zoning under midwave-UV. I have some Scheelite from up here in Sanford, Maine that gives the bright blue-white glow under short-wave. Then under mid-wave it goes sort of a creamy, canary yellow color. Long-wave it goes dark. I have seen some Wollastonite from somewhere up in New York that doesn't fluoresce very well under shortwave at all. But when you kill the light, it's got fantastic phosphorescence for a number of minutes. 

- Patrick


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