Fluorescent Wisconsin quartz

I've been finding a number of localities for fluorescent drusy quartz crystals in western Wisconsin. They show a yellow to orange fluorescence under medium and short wave UV. There are occasionally green fluorescing areas. The fluorescence does not appear to be from inclusions, coatings or matrix - it seems to be from the quartz crystals themselves. The environment seems simple geochemically - vugs in Ordovician dolostones of the mid-continent with only associated dolomite, calcite and goethite pseudomorphs after marcasite and pyrite.  Any thoughts on what the activators may be? My sense is that luminescent quartz (not chalcedony) isn't too typical. Thanks!

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Re: Fluorescent Wisconsin quartz

I agree that fl. quartz is not common.  However, even though it appears that they are no inclusions that causes that yellow color.  There still could be microscopic inclusions that are causing the fl.  I would be very interested in a sample if you have any extra to trade.  I would like to do a spectral analysis of your specimens.

I have a quartz that fl. "orange" under SW UV.  I think there still is a photo of that specimen on this FMS web site.

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Re: Fluorescent Wisconsin quartz

Hello Bill,

remember me? We exchanged a long time ago your yellow FL quartz for my Topas specimen Schneckenstein.

I had sent one of your pieces to Peter Modreski but never heard any results about causes of yellow FL.

Please read the article by Mazzoleni and Dalegno/ Italy, in Journal of the FMS Vol. 32, 2012.

This work deals in detail with yellow FL quartz from La Sassa, Tuscany! Perhaps it helps you.


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