Where to find fluorescent minerals in Arizona?

Hello, folks

I'll be making a trip to Prescott, Arizona (Yavapai County) in a month for some family business.

I'm looking for places around Yavapai, or anywhere else in the state where it's "easy" to find or buy specimens.  I won't have time to sit around and do the mining myself in the middle of nowhere, so it'd have to something like an easily accessible spot, a pay-to-dig mine, or a guided mine.

Does anybody have any experience or advice?

I can buy this book, but I haven't pre-viewed it, so I don't know if it'd give me what I'm really looking for.

Minerals, Fossils, and Fluorescents of Arizona: A Field Guide for Collectors

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Where to find fluorescent minerals in Arizona?

You may wish to check with Bill Gardner or Dick Shields.  Bill is in the Phoenix area.  Dick is in texas, and both have some oversight of the Purple Passion Mine...Kevin

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Re: Where to find fluorescent minerals in Arizona?

  If you plan your route through Wickenburg on your way to Prescott, we recommend visiting Pete the Miner at Sunrise Mine Enterprises, 907 East Wickenburg Way.  He is offering Purple Passion mine run material.

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Re: Where to find fluorescent minerals in Arizona?

I've been rockhounding all over AZ and have found many souces of fluorescent material, but if (as Dick suggested) you will be going through Wickenburg to visit the Purple Passion Mine, you will also be very close to an old rockhound spot just south of Wickenburg. It's called Queen of Sheeba mine and I was pleasantly surprised with the color  of the calcite, fluorite and some pale yellow that I'm not sure what it is.

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