FMS Help with the Denver Gem and Mineral Show Fluorescent Room desperately needed!

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As some of you are aware, Bruce Geller and I have been the co-chairs of the Fluorescent Room committe for the Denver Gem and Mineral Show for many years now.  Given that I am no longer residing in Denver (I now live in Houston), and Bruce's many other duties have forced him to resign his post, the Fluorescent Room for the Denver show is in desperate need of some volunteer action for 2011 and beyond!

Please, if any Colorado/Wyoming FMS member reads this, please consider joining the Denver Show Committee.  Even though there are 9 meetings per year, it's really only important to attend perhaps 3-4 of them.  Most important part, by far, is being in contact with people who wish to bring their cases to the Show, as well as keep tabs on our "community cases", where everyone who has minerals to display places them in the cases, and then all present vote on which pieces to keep in the display.  It works out wonderfully, but it needs 1 or 2 people to really keep everything going!

I will always be around to help out as much as I can, but I can't make any guarantees because of my location at this point.  Please, if you or someone you know has an interest in Fluorescents and lives somewhere within reasonable proximity of Denver, consider joining the Show Committee!

Thank you!

Aaron Rever


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