Cutting versus breaking a large piece of rock

Being fairly new to collecting, I was wondering it cutting a piece off a sample was a no no. I recently found a piece of quartz/kyanite mix that has the best glow on one end. (Dillwyn VA kyanite) The rest has mottled spots that glow. It's too large for my display whole. I hesitate to try to break off the piece I like and possibly damage the best part. I was thinking about making one  cut to get the piece I like and then breaking the rest in pieces in order to be able to share.

Re: Cutting versus breaking a large piece of rock

 I generally get dismal results using a cracker or hammer to trim a specimen, and do not like the straight edge that a saw cut leaves.   I recently came across a method that is a good cross between the two.  Saw part way through the specimen from the back along the line you want it to break on. You can angle the cut to create a flat that leaves a base that lets the specimen display well when set on the shelf. After cutting half or three fourths of the way through, put a chisel or screwdriver in the saw cut and twist it to break the piece the rest of the way.  This pretty much assures that the specimen will split in the right place.  The result is a specimen that has a natural edge all around the viewing face.  As always, practice on expendable specimens until you see how it works.

Re: Cutting versus breaking a large piece of rock

Caution if you decide to cut it, if you are using a rock saw, check that the coolant doesn't affect the fluorescence.

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