FMS and PNWFM symposium Oct. 9-11, at the Red Lion Hotel, Kelso, WA

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I hope many of you are planning on coming to this once-in-a-lifetime FMS and PNWFM event.  We will have 28 cases of fluorescent minerals the most ever on the West Coast.  Nine of those displays will be automatically operated by an electronic timer that cycles them through, incandescence, LW, SW, then LW+SW, then nothing for phosphorescence, then a slow ramp up of the incandescence.  That is also a first for that many automatically controlled fluorescent displays.


Then the PNWFM symposiums will have 8 sessions by experts, 4 of those sessions are directly related to fluorescent minerals.  Some of those experts are Richard Bostwick the worlds foremost expert on Franklin/Sterling Hill fluorescent minerals, Dr. Jeff Post of the Smithsonian, and Dr. Al Liebetrau past president of the FMS.  There is a fee to attend the PNWFM symposium, but to see the mineral dealers, the displays, or attend the FMS meetings is free.


There will be two FMS meetings.  The one on Friday night will have a Show N’ Tell, and a live auction.  The FMS meeting on Saturday afternoon will see the effects of 58 specimens that were irradiated by gamma radiation at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to induce phosphorescence (after glow) in them.  Those glowing specimens will be seen at the Sat. meeting. We will also have the door prize drawing where we will have over $5600.00 worth of items to give away.  Everyone that comes to that Sat. afternoon meeting will get something.


I will have my smart phone with me so if you have any questions please call (206) 818-1084. 


Don Newsome

NW Chapter FMS president

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