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Some UV SYSTEMS, Inc. customers have had some problems with the electrical rocker switch on their SuperBright II UV light (all models; SW 3254, MW 3312, LW350 3351, LW370 3368).  Their switch would become intermittent or sometimes failed to operate at all.  Even though the number of problems reported (less than 2.5% of those UV lights sold) was small UV SYSTEMS has decided to offer new free replacement switches for all of those present switches that could result in problems sometime in the future.  This free offer is good for one year, until May 31, 2013; however, I would not wait to take advantage of it.


The original switches that were purchased had a good electrical rating and each one was tested before any SuperBright II was sold.  However, subsequently we found out the switches were rated only for Alternating Current (AC) not Direct Current (DC).  The SuperBright II operates on 12VDC and therefore to have long life it requires a switch designed for DC.  While some of those original switches had been in operation for years, it appeared that this particular model switch might not last as long as we would like it to.  So UV SYSTEMS decided to offer free replacements with a superior Cherry brand switch for any customer that wants one.  


Switch that should be replaced

defective SuperBright II rocker switch

First, look at your SuperBright II and see if your rocker switch looks EXACTLY like the one shown here; black bezel with white rocker.  If your switch looks different your switch is OK, and you should not have any problems.  If your switch exactly matches the one shown, then contact UV SYSTEMS to see a copy of the easy-to-follow replacement instructions to see if you are comfortable with following those instructions.  If you are, UV SYSTEMS will send you a new Cherry switch to replace your present switch.  Or you can send your SuperBright II in to UV SYSTEMS and we will replace the switch free of charge, but contact us first.

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